Completing Installation. Oil Water Separator Diagrams and Tank Installation Checklist.


Oil Water Separator Installation Diagrams.

1. Excavate.

2. Prepare slab, sand or gravel base.

3. Set vessel on slab, sand or gravel base. Plum and level.

4. Hook up inlet and outlet piping, water ballast.

5. Attach tie-down straps.



Cathodic Protection Systems.

  • Connect inlet and outlet piping with electrical isolators used at each connection.
  • All other piping and conduit connections must have isolators.
  • Pressure test the integrity of all piping connections.
  • Backfill to centerline elevation of separator with sand, hand vibrated or water floated under the vessel to provide proper compaction. Complete backfilling to grade with original or virgin soil.
  • Mount interstitial monitor, level gauges, level switches, pumps or other controls as required, in accordance with manufacturers instructions.
  • Run final diagnostic on electrical components.