How Our Oil Water Separators Work (Better Than The Competition).

From small and portable oil water separators to large applications, our exclusive design offers superior performance proven for more than 30 years in the field. ENQUIP oil water separators’ patented three and four-compartment designs offer unique advantages over any other separator on the market:

  • Separate oil and clean water sumps in the vessel allow each phase to be handled independently of the other automatically with out the need for adjustable skimmers or electric interface detection.
  • Either sump can be arranged for gravity flow or automatic pump discharge.
  • The relationship between the Oil Spillover Baffle and the Water Transfer Pipe allow the vessel to hydraulically “lock- up” in the event of a catastrophic spill, ensuring that nothing but clean water will be discharged to the environment.

Gravity-flow and coalescing, single- and doublewall, above- and below-ground designs available.

Ballast Condition: The Displacement type oil water separator, after the initial water fill, is ready to receive a product spill. Note optional disposal of water effluent by gravity flow or by pumping.


Resident Condition: The Displacement type oil water separator is illustrated after sufficient oil has accumulated to produce an equilibrium resulting from the weight differential of the oil-water mixture in the separation chamber, and the water in the water holding sump. Subsequent additions of either oil or water will displace like amounts into either the oil or water sump. The “last-in, last-out” operation allows full utilization of the time interval between spills for gravity separation.


Major Hydrocarbon: The patented oil water separator design allows catastrophic release of oil to be contained in the separator. Once the dedicated oil sump is full, the oil spill depresses the water ballast in the separation chamber. Since the weight of the oil cannot overcome the weight of the water in the transfer pipe, the vessel hydraulically “locks-up” containing the spill and preventing a release to the environment.

oil water separator design

Reduce Maintenance With Additional Compartment: In addition, an extra compartment can be added to any vessel, serving as a solids knock-out/catch basin that is segregated with a partial baffle and a “trash screen” at the top. This compartment allows additional volume and settling time for solids drop out and prevents debris from traveling through the vessel. This unique feature not only reduces maintenance, but also results in improved effluent quality.